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Menu: May 20-26

The job hunt continues. A week without the 'Rents around was both relaxing and productive. They leave again on Monday for three weeks! Mr. Moon is focusing on efficiency, and we are currently on a mission to figure out where we are spending time cleaning things too often, or not often enough. With two people in the house instead of four, we can cut back on our cleaning schedule a bit for the duration of their vacation, and focus a bit more on projects we want to complete. Cutting back a little will help us have time to focus on Mr. Moon's job hunt, as well. Crossing fingers!

Lately I've been suffering from an EXTREME lack of appetite the likes of which I've experienced only once before. It's perturbing, to feel hungry yet be unable to eat. To know I NEED to eat but be physically incapable of putting food in my mouth. It means a lot of our meal plans have been falling by the wayside, and creating more waste than I'm comfortable with. Still less than the average …

Menu: May 13-19

Mr. Moon showed up to work early last week to discover his job had closed down the night before and no one had told him not to show up for work. Fortunately we'd been able to get a jump on job hunting, and so we scrapped the to-do list for the week and focused on that. Of course, especially with restaurant work, there are only certain hours of the day you can do any in-person job hunting, so Mr. Moon worked on edging the garden beds. More about that later.

This week marks the beginning of three trips the Parental Units are taking over the next two months, leaving us behind to mind the homestead. I discovered once again the hard way that I have let slip my red meat consumption to a negligible level, and have started suffering the beginning stages of anemia. I have been surviving on a lot of the 'Rents' leftovers and easy foods, junk food even, because I have been too depressed to cook for myself. Not feeling welcome to use my own kitchen because of the tension and awkward c…