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Ruminating on winter holiday gift plans

Just meandering around some ideas because I have been super productive today and have no TV service...
Trying to decide what to make for winter holiday gifts this year. I'm envious of my mother's ability to pick Just The Right Gift for people. She's put a lot of effort and thought into being good at it, and having a disposable income helps though she's also very good at doing gifts on a budget. 
That's not me. I'm not bad at it, I'm just broke. As a result I have found my niche making bulk food gifts. Less personalized to the recipient but a more personalized gift of myself. 
One year I made Hot Cocoa Baskets! A basket per family home with a mug per person, a selection of hot cocoa packets, decorated baggies of marshmallows and cookies. It was supposed to have chocolate-dipped spoons and jars of homemade cocoa mix, but I had a job change three weeks before Christmas and ran out of time. Averaged cost per person: $1.76. 
One year we made 100 lbs of plums into ja…