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Recipe: Instant Oatmeal Jars

If I'd known about this as a kid, my whole world would have been a lot different.

You can put oatmeal in jars, add boiling water, and BOOM. BREAKFAST.

"Oh but Heather you need quick oats"/"It only works with some oats"/"You can't use other kinds of hot cereal."

That's what they told me too, but they're wrong. I've tried it. I probably wouldn't use wheat berries, but any somewhat processed grain should do.

Here's my recipe, you may need to tweak to your tastes.

1 pint jar1/2 c oats 1/2 c toppings Dry sweetener if you're using it Pinch of salt
Store at room temperature. 
To eat: add boiling water to just below the fill line--I leave about 1/2 inch. Stir and rest for 5 minutes. Add liquid sweetener, butter, milk/cream to taste. 
Cream of wheat/Farina plumps so much more than oats. I use 1/3c and no toppings. 
What kind of toppings? Dried fruit like cranberries are easy & cheapChopped or shaved nuts are greatSeeds like pumpkin or s…

Eat The Larder: Comeback Challenge

I have a tendency to hoard food. There's really just no getting around it. A combination of anxiety over running out and excitement over trying new things means that I overbuy, and buy things that I don't use often. This has resulted in an overflowing pantry and further anxiety. 
So every year at least once (and usually during the leaner months for hours at work), I try to challenge our household to the Eat the Larder challenge created by NW Edible Life: try to limit grocery purchases to perishables only, and eat through the non-staples and overstocked items. 
This year I'm enlisting the help of my neighbors, and putting together a couple family food boxes to gift through our Buy Nothing group. 
We are already a week into it but finally life with a baby is letting me get back to blogging, since I figured out how to make it work from my phone, except pictures. Which means I can blog while nursing!
Make sure you're connected to us on Facebook where I post snippets about,…