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Pinterest This Ain t: Baby Noise Makers

I make the distinction between art and crafts. I'm crafty, but artistic? Not so much. 
I have been gathering containers to make a baby percussion kit with. He's had a colander and spoon for a couple months now, and we recently added a coffee can drum. 

I had another set of "instruments" in mind. 
I saved some containers, used some things I had around the house, and voila! Turned this...
Into this! 
That bear needed another good scrubbing because we used oil to get the label off. It's getting bells. 
Rice (some with food coloring), white beans, popcorn, buckwheat groats, chia seeds. I glued the lids shut and taped a couple for extra security. 
I'll let you know how he likes them!

Recipe: Instant Oatmeal Jars

If I'd known about this as a kid, my whole world would have been a lot different.

You can put oatmeal in jars, add boiling water, and BOOM. BREAKFAST.

"Oh but Heather you need quick oats"/"It only works with some oats"/"You can't use other kinds of hot cereal."

That's what they told me too, but they're wrong. I've tried it. I probably wouldn't use wheat berries, but any somewhat processed grain should do.

Here's my recipe, you may need to tweak to your tastes.

1 pint jar1/2 c oats 1/2 c toppings Dry sweetener if you're using it Pinch of salt
Store at room temperature. 
To eat: add boiling water to just below the fill line--I leave about 1/2 inch. Stir and rest for 5 minutes. Add liquid sweetener, butter, milk/cream to taste. 
Cream of wheat/Farina plumps so much more than oats. I use 1/3c and no toppings. 
What kind of toppings? Dried fruit like cranberries are easy & cheapChopped or shaved nuts are greatSeeds like pumpkin or s…