Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Philly cheesesteaks Tuesday: TACOS (like every Tuesday. This week is chicken) Wednesday: Buffalo chicken casserole in the slow cooker Thursday: Ribs & salad Friday: Family dinner at my mom’s house Saturday: Leftovers every week Sunday: Tortellini with pork sauce from leftover ribs.  Did I mention we don’t have an oven? 

Well that explains a lot... Chicken broth edition

Guess I should have paid more attention to the packaging. I have four different brands of broth in three different flavors, all with the quantity being NET WEIGHT not fluid ounces. My 32 oz container just had almost 5 full cups (about an ounce shy).  Might explain why my recipes have been coming out funny. Oops. 

Ruminating on winter holiday gift plans

Just meandering around some ideas because I have been super productive today and have no TV service... Trying to decide what to make for winter holiday gifts this year. I'm envious of my mother's ability to pick Just The Right Gift for people. She's put a lot of effort and thought into being good at it, and having a disposable income helps though she's also very good at doing gifts on a budget.  That's not me. I'm not bad at it, I'm just broke. As a result I have found my niche making bulk food gifts. Less personalized to the recipient but a more personalized gift of myself.  One year I made Hot Cocoa Baskets! A basket per family home with a mug per person, a selection of hot cocoa packets, decorated baggies of marshmallows and cookies. It was supposed to have chocolate-dipped spoons and jars of homemade cocoa mix, but I had a job change three weeks before Christmas and ran out of time. Averaged cost per person: $1.76.  One year we made 100 lbs of pl

Pinterest This Ain t: Baby Noise Makers

I make the distinction between art and crafts. I'm crafty, but artistic? Not so much.  I have been gathering containers to make a baby percussion kit with. He's had a colander and spoon for a couple months now, and we recently added a coffee can drum.    I had another set of "instruments" in mind.  I saved some containers, used some things I had around the house, and voila! Turned this...   Into this!    That bear needed another good scrubbing because we used oil to get the label off. It's getting bells.  Rice (some with food coloring), white beans, popcorn, buckwheat groats, chia seeds. I glued the lids shut and taped a couple for extra security.  I'll let you know how he likes them! 

Recipe: Instant Oatmeal Jars

If I'd known about this as a kid, my whole world would have been a lot different. You can put oatmeal in jars, add boiling water, and BOOM. BREAKFAST.   "Oh but Heather you need quick oats"/"It only works with some oats"/"You can't use other kinds of hot cereal." That's what they told me too, but they're wrong. I've tried it. I probably wouldn't use wheat berries, but any somewhat processed grain should do. Here's my recipe, you may need to tweak to your tastes. 1 pint jar 1/2 c oats 1/2 c toppings Dry sweetener if you're using it Pinch of salt Store at room temperature.  To eat: add boiling water to just below the fill line--I leave about 1/2 inch. Stir and rest for 5 minutes. Add liquid sweetener, butter, milk/cream to taste.  Cream of wheat/Farina plumps so much more than oats. I use 1/3c and no toppings.  What kind of toppings? Dried fruit like cranberries are easy & cheap Chopped or shaved nuts are great S

Eat The Larder: Comeback Challenge

I have a tendency to hoard food. There's really just no getting around it. A combination of anxiety over running out and excitement over trying new things means that I overbuy, and buy things that I don't use often. This has resulted in an overflowing pantry and further anxiety.  So every year at least once (and usually during the leaner months for hours at work), I try to challenge our household to the Eat the Larder challenge  created by NW Edible Life: try to limit grocery purchases to perishables only, and eat through the non-staples and overstocked items.  This year I'm enlisting the help of my neighbors, and putting together a couple family food boxes to gift through our Buy Nothing group.  We are already a week into it but finally life with a baby is letting me get back to blogging, since I figured out how to make it work from my phone, except pictures. Which means I can blog while nursing! Make sure you're connected to us on Facebook where I pos

Being Gentle: Pregnancy Edition

Being pregnant has been a roller coaster. I've been sparing you details, hence the radio silence. One thing I struggled with early on, especially so early in recovery for a restrictive eating disorder, was eating "junk" food. It made me keenly aware how ableist and toxic our modern discussions are about food and food-health connections. I had been struggling already to follow my doctors' orders about eating whatever sounds good, however much of it feels good, whenever I want and need to. After a decade of self-imposed eating restrictions, it was a difficult adjustment. But one I needed to start before I got pregnant. Because I was already getting better at it when I was suddenly thrust into "morning" sickness and all my careful food choices became impossible to manage. I knew my OB was the right one for me when she said, and this IS a direct quote, "I don't care if you live on mashed potatoes and Sprite until the day the baby is born, just eat