About the name

That's me! Heather Jean. I almost can't believe I'm using my real name on the internet, but there it is. I started using my middle name with my first name when I was in 4th grade, and a lot of family members and close friends from school will go back and forth. It just kind of stuck, and now it's almost one word. HeatherJean.

Waxing Moon
I admit it, this was a screen name I picked in a former life as a candle lady. But after the play on words of selling candles was gone, I couldn't help but want to keep the screen name. It spoke to me somehow, as if it had come out of the Cosmos. It's become a reminder that my life isn't over, it's not even half over. It's just beginning. Life isn't full yet. I'm still trying to fill it up. For someone who struggles with depression, it's a good reminder.


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