Quick & Dirty: Top Sheets

My partner and I hate top sheets. Neither of us has used them since we were old enough to stop putting them on the beds. I had a tendency to kick them off in the night, while keeping the comforter firmly in place.

But of course, when you buy sheet sets, they come with this huge piece of fabric. Bonus fabric! What do we do with them?
  • Curtains: If the "head" end is sewn on the sides, just snip a couple threads and you have a curtain panel that matches your sheets.
  • Pillow cases: A few seams and you have extra pillow cases or even a body-pillow case!
  • Cut it up for "family cloth" or cleaning rags or whatever else suits your fancy.
  • Face cleaning cloths!
  • Couch covers--when you have OCD and three cats who shed badly and a flea infestation (though we got both those figured out, phew!), you want couch covers you can remove to wash easily and regularly.
And my newest favorite: Bed skirt. Put the flat sheet under the mattress, on top of the box spring. If you have a footboard, you can tuck it under at the foot. Et Voila! You have a bedskirt that matches your sheets.
In our case, we have three navy blue fitted sheets, and a few navy top sheets, a bunch of navy pillow cases... I mean, these are not sets, I picked up some extra fitted sheets at a thrift store because I was tired of running out of sheets or paying for extra flat sheets I'd just need to store. It's actually kind of fun just having various shades of navy, so it's not a huge deal to grab stuff that isn't Matchy Matchy.
That's your Quick & Dirty short-list of tips for today. How are top sheets used in your house?


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