Menu Plan: December 9-January 6, Monthly for January

Next week I embark on a three week vacation. I feel like we are completely on track for preparing for this, all the laundry is done (or is getting finished tonight) and most is even folded and put away. I'll be packing my suitcase tomorrow so I can't accidentally wear something I want to take with me--and subsequently if it does happen to be currently dirty, we have plenty of time to wash it.

I finished the to-do list for projects Mr. Moon can work on while I'm gone, all prioritized and everything. There's a menu plan for each of the three weeks I'm gone.

We're hoping after I get back to do a monthly menu plan system (at least as far as most of the grocery shopping is concerned), though we will still have to plan which meals are on which days weekly due to the nature of flexible scheduling.

Week of Dec 9-16:
Breakfasts: Cottage cheese & pineapple, smoothies, bagels with cream cheese.
Lunches: Grilled cheese, Bacon Chicken Cheddar Ranch pasta salad.
Sunday Brunch: Tamale Casserole

Monday: Cottage Pie (like Shepherd's pie but with beef instead of sheep). Made an extra one for while I'm gone. [casserole; meat; freezer; batch]

Tuesday: On Your Own--Mum and Pops want salad, Mr. Moon and I will be munching down on leftovers. [OYO]

Wednesday: Broccoli Mac--Make 3! One for now, one for vacation, one for later. [pasta; vegetarian; batch]

Thursday: White fish with wild rice and carrots. [freezer; fish; rice]

Friday: Portobello Mushroom Burgers, marinated in balsamic vinegar, topped with swiss cheese, caramelized onions, tomato and clover sprouts; side of cous cous. [vegetarian]

Saturday: Spanish Rice Soup--freeze extra for vacation [crockpot; vegetarian; batch]

Sunday: On Your Own; Mr. Moon and I aren't actually planning for there to be much in the way of leftovers by Sunday, so we'll probably end up with chicken alfredo.

Week of Dec 17-23
Broccoli Mac
Sloppy Joe
Meat Loaf
Baked Potato Soup
OYO x 2

Week of Dec 24-30
Split Pea Soup
Mushroom Barley Soup
Corned Beef & Cabbage
Sloppy Joe
Ham Dinner (Christmas)
OYO x 2

Week of Dec 31-Jan 6
Broccoli Chicken & Rice casserole (Jan 5 or 6)
Cottage Pie
Meat Loaf
Spanish Rice Soup

Rest of January (there is actually a few extra meals here, bear with me):
Beef/Pork: Beef & Broccoli stir fry; corned beef?

Bird: Roast Turkey; Turkey Stew & Dumplings; Chicken Cordon Bleu; Orange Rosemary Chicken; White Bean Chicken Chili

Fish: Pan Fried White; baked casserole with rice; salmon burgers; pesto shrimp Alfredo?

Vegetarian: Tortilla soup; Split pea soup; Lasagna; Black Bean Burgers; Spaghetti; Lentil soup; Broccoli mac; Mushroom stroganoff; African peanut soup; french onion soup

OYO ideas for me: Ribs; chicken wings; zucchini meatball sub; barbacoa tacos; chicken alfredo; thai curry chicken; stuffed peppers (with quinoa and barbacoa); gyros (with lots of leftovers for lunches). 

That's actually 21 meals and 8 OYO days, but when I made 31 meals I forgot that 6 were already accounted for in my vacation plan (although 2 of the meals WERE accounted for in my plan?). So we will have a few extras that just get bumped to February when we get there. 

The only grocery shopping that should need to be done while I'm gone is to pick up more sandwich bread, milk, and a few fresh fruits and veggies, lunch stuff. But no major shops, so Pops should be able to keep up with that stuff. 
Whew! I'm all planned out, and ready for vacation, how about you?!


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