To Do: The new apartment!

The Living Room
- 0% done -
 View from the door

View from that hallway doorway

 Damage on the door from previous tenant. :(

Damage in the carpet from previous tenant :(

The nice thing about this living room is that it is BIG. South-facing windows let in a lot of natural light, but also a lot of heat. I will be surprised if we ever have to turn the heat on in here or the kitchen. That doorway you can see on the left of the top picture is the hall that leads to the bedroom and bathroom and closets. The doorway at the right of the bottom picture is toward the kitchen and dining room.

To Do:

  • EVERYTHING--This room has all the boxes, and most of the furniture. It will be the last thing finished. But that's OK!

The Kitchen/Dining room
- 60% done -
 Dining room

 Kitchen with gross-orange-wood cabinets. 

Aren't these liners just to DIE for? 

At least the cabinets don't waste any space. All the headspace is available, and the corners too!

At least the stoven is decent, though electric. But that's to be expected in most rentals. 
Damage on the floor from previous tenant :(

I love the eat-in kitchen, the south-facing window, and the fact that there is room for our little pantry shelves and a liquor cabinet and the kitchen island AND a two-seater table. I do not love the cabinet colors but nothing is perfect. I do love that the stoven is much newer than the rest of the kitchen!

To Do:

  • Unpack dishes (90% done)
  • Unpack food (80% done)
  • Buy liquor/glassware cabinet
  • Stain shelves for liquor cabinet
  • Unpack glassware
  • Buy dining table
  • Buy or have shipped kitchen chairs (my mom thinks she is reupholstering some for me)

Hall Closet
- 10% done -
Don't you just love that shelf at the top? I'm not sure what could even go up there!

The kitty box is going to go in here, and the usual linen closet items. I'm still not sure what is going on with that top shelf, but I'm sure I will find a use for it.

To Do:

  • Remove door
  • Hang a curtain rod & sheet-curtain
  • Unpack first aid/bathroom supplies, towels, and set up kitty box station

Storage room
- 0% done -
Not shown: This room has a curtain rod with shelf to the right, and the rest is open space; picture shows about how much space though. 

To be used for storage, rather than the "office/den/spare bedroom" it was listed as. It saves us an external storage unit, and maybe in time we could turn it into a little beer brewery if we manage to get all Our Stuff out and usable instead of being stored. In the meantime, I put all the stuff we would need to get to first in here so it couldn't get buried in the living room, and so that we would be forced to deal with the stuff from/for storage properly. Believe it or not, it is working. The living room is still a wreck, but this room is slowly being emptied again.

To Do:

  • Unpack everything that's inside, and repack with the storage items that are in the living room. 

- 10% done -
 Bathroom from the doorway. Unpictured: towel rod over the toilet, and another across from the toilet.

Bathroom from the tub. Look! Two nice towel rods by the sink!

 This mauve tiling and starburst tiling are delightfully 70's. The cabinetry, like the kitchen's, less delightful but still 70's. 

I love this grey-lavender lily tile in the shower. Gorgeous!

To Do:

  • Hang shower curtain.
  • Buy over-toilet-cabinet.
  • Unpack the bathroom boxes. 

- 20% done -
 View from the door. 

 View from the far corner. Gotta love a north-facing bedroom window! No excess light! 

This closet is HUGE! 

 Damage to the carpet from previous tenant :(

Mold in the caulking... Ew :(
To Do:

  • Set up bed frame
  • Buy new mattress
  • Re-hang closet rod (including custom wedges--AKA cardboard)
  • Unpack clothes (30% done)
  • Unpack crafting supplies
  • Arrange desk hutch
  • Unpack office supplies
  • Arrange nightstands
  • Unpack nightstand stuff
  • Get windows recaulked

Still need to grab some things--like the cat and the herb garden--from the Vancouver house. We are hoping to make a trip down sometime soon, after we get a little more settled in. My mom bought me some dishes that match my kitchen theme, and those should be arriving soon. We had been hoping to have more boxes unpacked by now, but impulsively shopping for mattresses and a liquor/glassware cabinet came first. Now it's time to buckle down and Unload Those Boxes!

P.S. Sorry the pictures are of the place being empty rather than today's pictures. I will grab some in a few days with an updated progress report. In the meantime, how cute is that bathroom?! Favorite room in the house.


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