Back in the saddle

After almost a year of struggling with a sub-par computer, I've finally gotten it replaced (under warranty no less) and have one that actually identifies every letter as I type it instead of sometimes deciding to recognize only half of them. Hopefully this will make blogging a bit less frustrating!

We took the week off from menu planning this week. We had a friend in the hospital, and caring for the group was our #1 priority. The friend is home and recovering now, and we're hoping to get over to visit now that she's almost even awake more often than not.

It also means we've let the daily checklists go by the wayside, and that's been a bit more of an issue. Evening marathons of Doctor Who are always so much more appealing than catching up on dishes, am I right? Mr. Moon caught up on the dishes today, and tomorrow is a new week. One thing I am proud of is that we kept up on tidying regularly. The pile of dishes next to and in the sink was a bit more than I can reasonably handle, but the rest of the house didn't fall into complete disarray. We could have guests stop by randomly for a respite from the hospital if necessary, and at no time would I have been embarrassed for them to do so.

Please excuse me, my cat is trying to get into the CLOSED toilet, despite a freshly full water dish, after she already tried to drink my coffee. ... Right, where were we?

Right, catching up!

One of my favorite stories of moving in is assembling flat-pack furniture. Since the opening of IKEA, there has been this human myth about the dangers of flat-pack furniture. Men refusing to follow directions, women refusing not to, couples fighting and breaking up, police getting called, these stories are everywhere! All implied commentary of the dangers of prejudice, misogyny and sexism aside, I'm not going to claim we were immune to the frustrations of assembling flat-pack furniture together. Tears were shed, words were said, and tempers ran high during the Over-Toilet Organizer Assembly incident of September 2013. Perhaps the issue is that we were out of beer, the step-0 requirement of furniture assembly if my mother's teachings are any indication, and we were drinking wine instead. Those large bottles simply aren't conducive!

So when it came time to assemble the kitchen table from IKEA, we demanded better of ourselves. We swore over a bottle of Blue Moon that there would be good communication, lots of listening, no fighting, no tears, no threats, and no throwing things during this project or any others. We would work together as a team, and we would treat each other with respect. I'm proud to say we got through it with nothing more than a dirty look and a hefty sigh. If we can get through 17 steps of IKEA directions with only a 6-pack of beer, I think we can get through a life together.

Coming soon:

  • Pictures of the new place, all set up! 
  • The much-smaller composting system we've got going on. 
  • More recipes? What are the readers in the mood for this season? 
  • Our ongoing freezer fiasco
  • Our ongoing humidity fiasco
  • And so much more!


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