Family is...

I'm proud to announce the birth of my nibling! Of course for his personal privacy we will not be posting his name, but in honor of his chubby cheeks, let's call him...

Gus Gus. 

This is my bio-brother's first kid, but the bestie I adopted as a sister about 18 years ago has three already so I'm old hat at the Aunt thing: Arrive at nap time with noisy toys, chat with Mom until the screaming hurts my ears, run away and let the parents pick up the pieces. That's about it, right?

I'm unsurprised at how homesick this has made me. One of my biggest fears with moving far away from my hometown has been proven to be valid. It took me so long to do so because I knew it would mean missing major milestones in my families' lives, and every time it's happened so far has felt like a kick in the stomach for me.

On the up side, technology has been progressing such that I now have multiple ways of video chatting with my family members back home. I've Skyped with my sister a few times and gotten to hang out with her kids a bit too. I got to Google Hangout with Gus Gus today, and check in on my nibling and his family. It's no substitute for real-life baby snuggles, but it's a damn sight better than the hand-written letters or emailed pictures that previous generations have had to suffer through after cross-continental or international moves!

And I get to meet him come October when I got back for my wedding. So knowing how soon I'm visiting helps with the homesick.

What do you do to combat homesickness?


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