Back in the swing of things!

Whew! Our first week back from weddings & vacation, and we're heading right back into the swing of things. We do much better when there's a bit of routine, a bit of organization to our lives, so we're right back to our checklists & menu planning.

One thing that concerns me is the new(ish) system we're trying. We have had this sheet for a couple months now, and it got us through the crunch of final wedding planning, but frankly we were ignoring most of our chores by that point and we weren't menu planning at all for most of this year. This system allowed for that, so I'm not sure it's sustainable long-term. But we're going to try it. Because having the things that are the same every day written out for each day made it harder to see what was different about "today."

We're cracking down on chores timing. 20 minutes for the "weekly" chores, and no more (not including laundry, of course). Whatever gets done in that time gets done, and Mr. Moon can make a game out of racing the clock to see if he can get more done in that time or finish a chore early. Hopefully if we keep up on daily chores, we should be set up for success on the weekly ones.

We also added, not visible here, a 15-minutes-per-day organizing task. We pick a room for the week, and we just go through each drawer, each shelf, each zone, decluttering & getting our stuff under control. When we moved in, we just kind of threw things on shelves and got to wedding planning, but we don't have access to a lot of things that aren't even still in boxes, and it's all taking up more space than is entirely necessary because it's just not placed logically. I'm not repeating a room two weeks in a row, either. We will get as far as we can and if we have to come back to a room and repeat it after we've done the rest of the house, so be it.

With the wedding over and no particular deadlines looming, I'm trying really hard to make sure that if opportunities for fun come up, we take them. Whether that's going sailing while the Captain is still around, or a picnic at the beach up the road here, we need to make sure we're taking some time to just BE.


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