Food Prep Day

A friend and I concocted a scheme to do a bulk food-prep day. She's living in a 300 sq ft apartment with no real kitchen right now, and while she has access to the kitchen in the main house, it comes with strings attached. So, we thought we'd try having her join us for one of our food prep days, which we'd gotten out of the habit of doing anyway. It was fun!

The focus: Get some quick breakfasts into the freezer, and a lunch salad prepped in bulk. Maybe a little something extra for the freezer.

Our menu:

  • Balsamic lentil salad (made with kale to hold up to vinaigrette for a few days)
  • Homemade Egg McMuffins
  • Mini Quiches
  • Shredded chicken (for dumping on salads, quick lunches/dinners). 
We did well! Mr. Moon dragged the microwave out of the kitchen for a little more counterspace, which will soon be available permanently when we build our microwave cart. After I did most of the paper-planning, we put him on knife duty, Friend on assembly duty, and I mostly directed & went to an appointment. We weren't super diligent, we added some stuff at the last minute, but we got everything done in 6 hours--including eating breakfast, lunch, and testing some cocktails. 

All in all I'm expecting a few more of these joint food prep days in our future, and I'm pleased with how it went. I just wish it didn't involve deconstructing and re-arranging our kitchen just to get some more counter space, and completely shutting off the dining room.


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