The Latest Dirt: Micro greens and herbs making their way to the sun!

The garden is really making progress! I'm pretty excited about it.

One of these is kale, the other is mustard greens. These and the lettuce below, I'm not sure at what point I start thinning and eating micro/baby greens.

It took a while, but the dill decided to come out to play! Plus a volunteer oregano there at the bottom left corner.

Marigolds! I'm pretty excited for these. When I was planting I was really disappointed in my lack of nasturtiums this year, but I've got more pots now! Hanging ones even. I don't think we get warm enough or enough sunlight around here for tomatoes, so maybe I will use my hanging pots for nasturtiums.

The scallions are so much happier outside in dirt with some sun than they were on my counter with no sun in a glass of water that we rarely remembered to change. However, they grow more slowly out here which makes me a little sad.

 My lavender did decide to grow back! Maybe I will cut off the silly stump now.

I wasn't sure if the cilantro was going to come out to play, but it did. I'm getting conflicting reports from reputable sources about whether cilantro grows back after being harvested or whether you have to keep re-seeding. I can't imagine that it's the only one that doesn't grow back, and I remember doing just fine with my last couple successes as long as I actually, you know, watered them. So I'm hoping for good results.

More greens! And you can see next to the orange stick there my celery greens starting to pop up. Tarragon and both basils didn't make it, so I'm going to try those again.

I've also got a nice sturdy glass jar that I'm hoping to make into a terrarium with some rocks and succulents. Foraged ones, if I do, since every spare penny is going to the wedding right now. I've also finally found the sprouts jar and am hoping that we can get those going again. Maybe I can keep myself in salad greens all summer this year, without fighting for farmers' market parking?

How does your garden grow?


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