Sesame Kaleslaw

We had a BBQ today, and our hostess has a gluten allergy. So while shopping this week, we kept our eyes peeled for inspiration on what to bring. And inspired, we most certainly were!

This could easily be called coleslaw as it had cabbage in it, but I definitely wanted to steer the idea away from your standard coleslaw recipe right from the start. Anyway, while we were shopping at the local restaurant supply store, I saw a giant bag of slaw-cut greens. Kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli stems, both red and green cabbage. It was beautiful! And I wanted it in my mouth right then. We used some of the bag earlier in the week for stir fry noodles. And then we mixed up a nice big bowl of slaw this morning.

Mix of slaw greens
Scallions, sliced large & on the bias (I'll save you the googling, that's a diagonal cut)
Sesame seeds, either black or white
Nuts would be amazing, as would crispy noodles (but we didn't have any, and it didn't NEED them)
Dressing, below

Mayo (a mayo substitute would also work well in this recipe to make it vegan)
Rice vinegar
Wheat-Free Tamari (or soy sauce if you aren't worried about the gluten)
Sesame oil
Sweet: Orange marmalade, plum jam, apricot jam might be good too.

Whisk the dressing in a bowl or measuring cup. Toss with slaw greens, scallions, and sesame seeds until everything is just covered, or it is dressed as you like it. A cup of dressing (maybe half mayo) made a nice big party bowl but there was NO puddling at the bottom--keep in mind, the kale wrinkles take up a lot more dressing than you think they will. But this dressing is SO big on flavor that you don't want it swimming like a more traditional cole slaw. Juuuust enough to coat.

Our original plan was orange marmalade, but it went bad. I was looking around for an alternative and remembered the dozens of jars of plum jam still sitting on my cupboard. One less-set one opened for a sweet plum flavor in the dressing made it a GORGEOUS pink color (which was totally lost on the green leaves but whatever), and two jars gifted to our hosts was a quick "thank you for inviting us."

It was just a nice, simple recipe that, with the pre-cut bag of greens, took 5 minutes to whip up--including gathering, cleaning, and Mr. Moon having to climb on a step stool looking for a plain jam. I'm sure we will tweak this a little, add some nuts or something, since we have extra greens. Some chopped up spicy pre-roasted chicken or marinated tofu on top sounds like a nice, fast post-work dinner.


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