Moving Again

I can't say I'm ENJOYING moving as often as we have been, but I will say that it's been informative. This time thankfully we have officially 6 weeks to move. We get our keys to the new place Dec 20, sadly have to pay double rent for January (and let me tell you how stressful THAT is), but by all rights have access to our current apartment through January 31st.

We still intend to finish moving in a timely manner and cleaning up our "old" place so that wall repairs & carpet cleaning can happen to rent it out as soon as February 1st. But at least we can wait until the Christmas Crush is through at Mr. Moon's work to worry about packing & moving in earnest. It also has the benefit of giving us time to snag boxes from food & liquor deliveries at his work and local businesses. No paying for boxes this time! And since we're not paying for boxes, a) I feel less inclined to keep them sitting around awaiting our next move; and b) I got to splurge a bit on other packing supplies. It cost $100 in total, but I got some good tape on good dispensers, and stocked up on 300 feet of bubble wrap (perforated every 12 inches) instead of trying to rely on newspaper which hasn't served me well in the dishes department. I'm not even convinced 300 feet is enough, but with the extra time to move we can unpack & reuse pacing materials as necessary.

I think today we are going to deal with the sad little herb garden I've got going on outside, so it's ready to move when we are. We've been packing what we can with the boxes we had stashed, and strategizing our packing & moving process for maximum cost efficiency. Since we have an abundance of TIME to get this handled and plenty of friends with bigger vehicles than my hatchback, it doesn't make sense to try to rent a truck & get a moving party together all at once. Instead we're packing boxes, moving them over in my car as we've got free time, and planning a discussion with each Friend With Vehicle to get furniture moved on their own timetables.

The big question now becomes: Do we use the master suite as guest room/office/craft room & the small bedroom our sleeping-quarters with vanity? Or do we make it sleeping/craft room with vanity & the small bedroom a guest bed/office? Life's full of touch choices!


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