Menu: Apr 20-26, 3-week Update on Eat the Larder challenge

What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Smoothies, eggs on toast, Turkey "benedict" (I don't like hollandaise on the turkey version, instead using garlic & mayo on the english muffin & adding a tomato slice, but this isn't some Pinterest renaming crap, it's just an aphasia slip-up that stuck).

Lunches: Turkey & roast beef wraps/sandwiches, leftovers.

Snacks: Really not doing great on these.

Monday: Tacos/Nachos! [using up leftovers]

Tuesday: Steak & Broccoli [beef, freezer cooking]

Wednesday: Shrimp (I don't know what kind of shrimp, we'll find out what we're in the mood for that day.) ETA, we ended up with a giant creole-shrimp caesar salad! Bottled dressing, but homemade croutons.

Thursday: Pita Pizza [freezer cooking]

Friday: Rice & beans [pantry cooking]

Saturday: Chili dogs

Sunday: Noodle bowl
How are we doing on the Eat The Larder Challenge?

Let me tell you how not good we're doing. Epic fail. I mean, we didn't do TOO badly, we didn't stock up on anything new, we just bought as LOT more perishable stuff than I had intended. The steak & broccoli, shrimp, pita pizza, chili dogs & noodle bowl all rely heavily on freezer & pantry items. But, we got lunch meat twice & a bunch of fresh veggies because I just had all these cravings... No, not THOSE kinds of cravings! lol

We will start trying that again next week. I'm going to take this week to really pick through what we have and see what we can make with it. I was going to do that yesterday but we ended up having friends over for wine instead.

What's on your menu this week? Need planning ideas? I'll be linking up at, if you need other ideas!


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