Organizing Dilemma: Beverages

I like having a coffee & tea station. Everything in one place when we need it. That in mind, we also have a soda maker station, which doubles as cocktailing station, but also has the flavor syrups that go for both soda and coffee. And then of course there's the liquor cabinet... I'd better show you.

Here's our bar with soda maker and cocktailing supplies. The bottom shelf has soda & coffee syrups, and a rack of bitters (because my preferred beverage is plain soda water with a dash of bitters). So of course it makes sense to have those accessible. The middle shelf is canned soda, because I found a great deal and it's like a year's worth of soda--but at that drinking rate, I don't need them that accessible. So I want to put those elsewhere, and we'll get back to that. Top shelf is spare syrups, and that seahakws tin needs something in it so it's useful. It's also getting the flask collection, I just forgot to put that up before I took pictures.

Then there's the liquor cabinet...
 The top section has glassware and liquors.

Bottom section (behind wood doors so it isn't visible) has liqueurs, mixers (which is mostly what I use canned soda for!), empty growlers, and bottled beer. And an empty space where I think I'll put the canned soda from the bar.

This is a set of pantry shelves that kind of got overrun.
The snacks are fine there, aside from escaping their space. The spice rack on the left has been cluttering up the counter, but traded with the rice cooker because I was using it. I'd like to get it living accessible but off the counter! The grapefruit and unpictured cranberry juices are what I stash in my purse for after bloodworm because I tend to faint. So I want them accessible but logically filed. The V8's on the other hand, I probably have one of those a day and sometimes two. I want them VERY accessible. I'm thinking about putting all these int hat middle shelf over the bar, which will make the snacks less annoying too.

This is our Coffee/Tea station, which needs some TLC.

Two issues: 1,
It needs to be organized. But two,

This is what one end of my counter looks like and I want it decluttered. The rice cooker belongs back on its shelf, but that brings the spice rack back out. I was thinking about putting the tea kettle out on the bar and moving the currently-open coffee & tea to those shelves instead of here. I'm just not certain there's enough room for all that, but I could always have the snacks and beverages switch kitchen shelves so the beverages will be next to the bar and the snacks next to the counter. And I'm wary of the fact that puts Mr. Moon making coffee over carpet.

It's like, I want my stuff to be accessible for how we use them and look nice at the same time. Why is this so hard?!


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