Candida Cleanse part four: On Pause

The five days of progress that we made at the beginning of this are proof enough to me that it's a good thing to be done. But for now, I'm afraid it will have to be on hold. My doctor who was supportive of the effort, isn't comfortable with me proceeding with this cold, since it's not clearing up as quickly as it probably should. I'm to redouble my efforts to kick it in the butt, without stressing my body further with any significant dietary changes and a cleanse. As most of the candida diet sites will (or should) tell you, doing a cleanse when your body is otherwise fighting a major illness is not wise, and can be downright dangerous. My focus right now is Not Getting Pneumonia (again). And that will have to do.

With this revelation, it became apparent just how good a sport Mr. Moon was being about the "no alcohol" portion of this endeavor occurring over his birthday. As that's now been cancelled, he's pretty excited to go out for a drink and some karaoke after working a double shift that day. Can't say I blame him!

We'll pick up this series again as soon as it's safe and reasonable to do so, but at this point it might be late September. I've already proven that it's impossible to travel with this diet, so there's no reason to make our trip to Michigan harder on ourselves than necessary--especially because this time we're not just going and staying in one place/at someone's home, we're actually making several smaller trips within the vacation itself. So yeah. Too hard. Too much stress. We'll pick this up again later.


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