Back to reality

It's been... a minute or two since I last posted. As I was telling my family on vacation, there's a lot going on, but none of it is terribly exciting to talk about and even less exciting to hear about.

I got into coloring in like actual legit adult coloring books. It's a lot of fun, and definitely some nice stress relief.

After June's failed attempt at the candida cleanse, we left it until after our vacation. And then I decided I needed a few days to recuperate before risking too much shock to my body. So, we're getting back at it tomorrow.

In reviewing the rules, I discovered that it's a little less restrictive than I'd previously understood it to be. As in, it's not NO NUTS, it's no peanuts, cashews or pistachios but almonds, pecans, and walnuts are fine. It's not quite NO GRAINS, buckwheat and quinoa are still okay in moderation. That makes it quite a bit easier to manage, all things considered.

Though what I did discover is that the respiratory I had before may well have been candida die-off symptoms. I'd understood die-off to be an expected and even desired response, not one to go slowly and avoid as The Candida Diet website indicates. On the one hand, I'd like to go fast, suffer a little more short-term and be done with the cleanse portion of things sooner; on the other hand, if I'm risking serious medical complications like pneumonia that make the cleanse physically impossible to continue, then obviously that's not an appropriate way of managing this.

Starting back at square one, we have the opportunity for taking things a little slower, and giving ourselves the time and space to succeed. The holidays will probably be especially problematic this year, but we can do our best. Even if the end result is discovering that candida is not a problem, it's one more thing to cross off the list and that's progress in itself.

In other news, I've been keeping up on my physical therapy this summer! Not quite hitting my 5 days per week goal every week, but not doing too badly either. Vacation was the big test; I walked quite a bit in general, but we made it to the first lookout point past the main one for the lower Tahquamenon Falls, which if I'm looking at the right trail map means one mile--each way. And I got bit by a horse fly, which elicited many swear words, but kept walking the few hundred feet to the riverside access point we'd been looking for when it happened. Cool water really helped. As did slobbering all over the bite, which is apparently an appropriate response according to the results I got goggling how to treat a horsefly bite. Anyway there was a lot of walking; not a small amount of inhaler use, resting mid-walk and definite over-doing it; unsustainable levels of pain killers; and dangerous levels of water retention in the first week. But I'm proud that I managed to walk as much as I did at all.

I seem to be recovering from the trip well enough. I'm five days home, and already down to one nap a day. I didn't do too great on quitting caffeine entirely upon returning home, if my two lattes this morning are any indication. But, all in good time.

What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing this summer?


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