Fun with Food! Condiments

I have a TON of baby food jars, freecycled and left over from a former project. I use them to make small batches of all sorts of things, like my little tub of coconut oil that lives with my cosmetics or the overflow pain cream from a batch that was made too big for the squeeze bottle it lives in. 

One of the things I want to play with is condiments. Right now we can't eat mustard, of all things, because the vinegar in it us usually white vinegar, and only Apple Cider Vinegar is approved. Lucky for us, Trader Joe's mayo is both sugar free (why I started buying it) and made with ACV, as well as other approved ingredients. Whole Foods sells some mayos that don't have sugar, but TJ's was the only SF one that didn't taste like rotten fish to me. And I can't speak to their vinegars. By the time places like Safeway jumped on the fancy mayo bandwagon, I was already a convert and not looking to change. 

So now I'm looking for tiny-batch recipes of condiments, so that I don't have to make like 2 cups at a time when fridge space is at such a premium and we eat maybe an ounce of ketchup between us in a meal. Half that of mustard!

I'm a smart cookie and saved some old bottles of hot sauce too, so we have some slightly larger bottles with shaker lids. I use those for cooking-sized bottles of things which we buy in bulk so they don't come in convenient shaker bottles, like vinegars and amino acids.

So far, I'm really liking these recipes made for the Paleo diet. 

Don't you worry, I am sure I will post recipes when I get them worked out! 


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