31 days of Blogging: Challenge Accepted

In 2012, I did a 31 Days of Dinner blogging challenge where you pick a topic and write about it for 31 days. I enjoyed the idea, and while the original challenger isn't doing it this year, I'm going to do it again!

With this Candida Cleanse, I spent a lot of time looking for recipes. So. MANY. of the recipes labeled anti-candida-diet-friendly on Pinterest are decidedly NOT (seriously, orange-maple candied carrots anyone? Every single ingredient was banned). And as a result I've struggled to find menu ideas that are both appealing and on this cleanse. I'll also be linking to these posts on Pinterest so hopefully it can infuse some helpfulness into those search results.
Day One:

This cleanse is killing my counter space. But it makes me smile to see so many fresh veggies waiting to be used! Avocados, tomatoes, rutabagas, bell peppers, and a couple green apples sitting there too.

Green apples are a quibbling point on this diet; some versions allow some fruits, some versions allow apples and a few other low-glycemic fruits, some don't allow any fruits at all. But apples have a magical anti-nausea quality (or what looks like magic if you don't know the biology and chemicals involved) and I make sure to eat them with almond butter to keep the blood sugar response low.

That bag of avocados was $7 for 15 at my local restaurant supply (Cash & Carry). Even if we only use half of them, I'm no worse off than having bought them at the regular grocery store at $1 apiece, but the last two bags we've had, we've managed to use all of them or just a couple shy. So I'm definitely getting my money's worth.

Costco changed their tomato packaging so that it's this cardboard flat in a permeable plastic wrap, but after I stewed about it and went back to check to see if the old version came back, I realized that it also doesn't have the plastic liner that was cupping each individual tomato. So I decided, reluctantly, that it was a wash and just bought them. I can't get these half-flats of tomatoes anywhere else, and the next size up is a small CASE at Cash & Carry, and they're cheaper this way than elsewhere.

I do need to figure out a better way of storing all these veggies. I hate having the counter space on either side of the stove cluttered like this. I find it visually stressful, if I need to stage items for cooking I don't have the room, and it's a fire hazard. So that's one of my challenges for next week.


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