Celebrate the little things

It seems like time gets away from us, we look ahead at what we have yet to do and we forget to appreciate what we've accomplished already. Some of my favorite blogs have a feature where they re-cap their month, but it's usually just a re-cap of their posts. You can scroll for that.

Five little things we accomplished in April that are really kind of big:

* Mr. Moon and I re-affirming our commitment to each other, our relationship, and ourselves.

* So many little moments that culminated in creating good habits. Evidence: The kitchen scrubbing today that only took 45 minutes, including cleaning up from breakfast. Mr. Moon getting lunch today before he walked out the door to work, and it was even a healthy lunch at that!

* You can see 50% of the floor in the garage.

* Nothing falls out of the freezers when you open them.

* The laundry hampers don't have a single full load, there's only one load of clean stuff sitting around to be folded, and I haven't done more than a single load in a day for at least two weeks.

* Bonus item! The kitty box has been scooped at least every 36 hours for the last two weeks.

It's nice to recognize and celebrate the little things in life. So, what have you accomplished lately that you feel like celebrating?


  1. Awesome April! And May the Forth be with you!


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