Mr. Moon is so FULL of Surprises!

While I was taking a nap the other day (yes, some days I feel like a toddler), Mr. Moon was a busy, busy bee. After he got the Heather beds planted, he took it upon himself to clean up our side patio. This area had been a dog run before, and when the 'Rents moved in the area was torn up and full of mud. Due to lack of sunlight, stuck in the small space between two houses with a privacy fence between, there was little likelihood of getting grass to grow back in, so they paved it. That's where the trash bins have sat for the last 9 years.

Being out of sight, out of mind most of the time, the area was a bit cluttered. Leaves from the bushes and trees in the neighbors yard, blown dirt, moss, dampness from cement that wasn't poured with any kind of a grade so it just puddles up. Yeah, it's hit. But Mr. Moon really gave it a day of rehab!

Now, you can open the gate and be met with clean, empty pathway. The trash and recycling bins are along the garage instead of the fence, so they're easily reachable from the side door of the garage (*cough if we ever get the pathway to that door cleaned out ahem*) and in the meantime still easily accessible anyway. Everything got swept up and put away. With the previously-pruned rose bushes no longer covering the walkway, Mum can now go from inside the house all the way around to the back in her powered wheelchair, without hitting any obstructions. That will still be true even if we put in a patio table in the corner. She may not need it right now, but some days maybe, and it's nice to have the option. Plus, space for wheelbarrow as needed.

We still need to power wash the siding and cement and then you can have pictures. But that is a Project For A Different Day.


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