New white board! Plus this week's Menu: May 7-13

As you may recall from previously, we have a white board in our kitchen. It had gotten a but smudgy, and I didn't like that the weekly menu planning always involved me trying desperately not to smear/erase the long-term project planning with my forearm. Thus, I re-did it!

Our new-and-improved home organization system.
Now with lunches!
Now, the sections we use less often are at the top, so we're less likely to smear things when we write the weekly schedule, menu & to-do list.

Now featured: Updated projects list, re-organized by room. It had gotten a bit chaotic down there. Also, color-coded stars next to our daily routine list. Mum & Pops have committed to being in charge of the dishwasher AND have been keeping up on it, so Mr. Moon isn't solely in charge of that anymore.

I put the chores that are repeating--in this case, taking out the trash and updating the whiteboard--in wet-erase marker just like the lines and work schedule so that I can easily erase the schedule and menu and to-do list without worrying about those (or worse, forgetting to re-write the repeating chores).

We had been forgetting to eat lunch a lot of days, and half the time would have time for it but would spend so much time deciding WHAT to eat that we then wouldn't have time to make it! So, I made a point of including enough space to be planning not just dinners but lunches too (breakfast is usually super easy).

This Week's Dinners:
I was about to start writing all this out and suddenly, lightening struck my brain. Why would I re-type all of the week's menu when I can just take a picture and post it? Then I just get to type the commentary!

These dinners meet a lot of our goals. More fish, THREE meals that use up major freezer items, slow-cooker meal on TWO late work-nights, limiting potatoes (though less winning on limiting grains, but, baby steps!). And my favorite part: Lots of customizing without excluding anyone with a totally different meal.

For example: Fish & rice? Each person gets a piece of fish cooked over a bed of rice of their choice, so I can have brown rice if I want without putting anyone else out (although, Mum & Pops will be switching to brown rice as soon as we get their stash of white taken care of). Stir Fry casserole? Each person gets their own customized set of veggies, rice if they want it, and with a batch of stir fry sauce poured over we can eat WHAT we want, WHEN we want it. It makes it easier for me to make dinner for everyone when I'm not making something totally different for myself, just taking the same stuff from different bins.
What are you eating this week? Any fun re-organizing projects on the horizon?


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