Celebrate the Little Things

Five things we accomplished in September that are really kind of big:

  • We got on a schedule of chores, and even managed to stick to it in this very busy week. 
  • We had fun on some cheap dates, and got to spend more time with friends than we have any other time since we moved down here.
  • We pinpointed some trouble areas with the housekeeping and started making strides to combat them in a manageable way. 
  • We dove down the rabbit hole with gusto, starting on such projects are sourdough pancakes, waffles, yogurt, mozzarella, and possibly soon into sourdough bread.
  • We managed to keep the sideboard in the dining room CLEAN and clear of clutter for the better part of a month, and still going! 

It wasn't entirely intentional, but we spent the month working on building good housekeeping habits.

If October has a theme project, I think it needs to be the garage. We got behind on cleaning that out and missed both of our self-imposed deadlines, or we will because the second one is tomorrow and there won't be any more progress on it by then. We really need to get on that so that we have space for more cheap dinner dates at home, even when the 'Rents are around. Or to be able to watch movies on something other than our laptop screens. It probably should have been a priority before, but the outside and the living spaces had been priorities.

Of course, irony abounds, it's finally getting cool enough that we hope to see rain soon, which means we can get to work on our fall gardening projects. We have to re-prioritize some things, like the front rose bed that may have to wait until spring because we need to get the plans drawn up and approved by the home owner's association. I don't see that happening this month, and our new deadline for the garage is having it completely finished before Thanksgiving. That means we need to be done with the sorting and purging by Halloween.

Goals for October include:

  • Finish sorting & purging the garage,
  • Doing as little as we can get away with in the garden/yard, 
  • Keeping up on the habits we've established,
  • More exciting food projects,
  • Figure out a WORKING solution for laundry day. 

What are you working on this month? Any big projects, or refining habits? Let's chat in the comments!


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