The Kitchen Project: A week in pictures

I mentioned last Monday that we were doing a little project to determine where we're falling behind in the kitchen, to turn that B+ into an A+. So how did our week go?

Sunday night: Not bad! Pretty good for a Day 1. Let's see what we left out. Bag by the stove, a big dish left on the stove that should have been washed, a towel over by the toaster and a cutting board there as well. The pile of stuff to the left of the sink is a bit bad, but mostly that's empty bottles that need to get their labels soaked. Trash and compost could have been emptied. But the dishes got done and the sink was empty, and the kitchen was ready for cooking breakfast.
Monday night: Yayy! Just a couple things on the counter by the stove, and otherwise only some dishes drying. Those bottles are a Wednesday project. A+!

Tuesday night: Hmmm could have been better. A towel, some bags, half a crockpot, a basket, and some croutons that all should have been put away. BUT! The dishes are done and the stockpot is soaking so still not too bad!

Wednesday Night: GREAT JOB! This was Firebomb the kitchen day, so this is all to be expected. We have a couple cookie sheets from dinner, the produce bags are still drying over some bottles, and the one sink is soaking labels overnight. But the other dishes are done!! A+!

Thursday night (er, friday morning): Mr. Moon forgot to take a picture Thursday night, so we took one right away Friday morning. Whew! You can tell he worked that night, and we made yogurt and mozzarella cheese. Lesson learned, no starting these projects at 10pm. Evening chores start then, not new projects!! Mr. Moon cleaned this all up right away after breakfast, while I finished up the yogurt. Those produce bags take a day to dry on the outside and then get flipped inside out to dry, so they really DID need two days, not just laziness. They got put away right after this picture though.

Friday night: We forgot a picture, and didn't get to take one until after we destroyed the kitchen making brunch. It wasn't bad though, the only thing left were some big dishes that Mr. Moon washed right away Saturday morning while we waited for the waffle batter to soak. There were some dishes that didn't make it into the dishwasher for two days, but they got put in right away and we just washed an extra load of dishes.

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning: We had some guests over for making/eating dinner, so it was a late night. AND it was our last night of the challenge! So of course we forgot to take a picture. But Mr. Moon got one the next morning. You know what though? After we all finished eating, Mr. Moon and I took 5 minutes to load the dishwasher and wipe down the counters before taking our friends back to their hotel. And we fell asleep without any weight of dirty dishes hanging over our heads.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the bed being made?! And no pile of shoes & discarded socks on my aisle-way?
Just ignore the messiness of those shelves. Good talk.

  • Nights that Mr. Moon works are not good nights for big projects afterward, even if it's only a 3 hour shift. 
  • Projects need to be completed and evening chores begin at 10pm. 
  • Getting the dishwasher emptied and refilled right after breakfast is imperative to keeping a tidy kitchen.
  • Mr. Moon hates washing produce bags, and that just needs to be entirely my job.
  • While cooking we really need to be mindful of the Clean As You Go policy and get things soaking or outright clean during any downtime--not playing on our phones or watching TV. 
  • We definitely set ourselves up for success going into a really busy week. 
It was an exercise with some accountability, and I'm so glad we did it. Just taking and reviewing the pictures was helpful in reminding us what we're supposed to be doing, and getting us in the habit of remembering our evening chores. Now we may need to do a similar challenge in the bathroom... though it won't be posted here, because it won't be as exciting. 
I hope you're getting ahead on what your projects are! What have you been working on lately?


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