Keeping House: The Daily chores that keep us sane

Mr. Moon and I are getting more accustomed to daily chores. Tuesday when I woke up, it was to the sound of vacuuming in the hallway--Tuesday's assigned chore day is deep vacuuming, which means getting under the lounge chairs and the dining room table. Light vacuuming is over the weekend, and it's just the main walkways. So I woke up proud of him and pleased, definitely sets the tone for a good morning. Then I discovered that again of his own volition he had emptied, refilled and run the dishwasher, as we've gotten behind on dishes again. And to top it off, I was greeted with a clean kitchen so I could prepare us a steak and eggs breakfast.

Now tonight is just picking up our bedroom a bit, which means clearing off the desk and the shelves at the foot of the bed. Those shelves were just a few inches wider than the bed itself, which resulted in Mr. Moon rubbing a hole into the back of his work shorts by getting squished between shelves and the wall on his way by. We reorganized our closet a bit, and were able to take out the second set of shelves--which also gets the quilt rack for our worn-but-re-wearable clothes set back a little bit, and taking up even less precious bedroom space!

I know we, like so many, tend to just shove things into our room throughout the course of the day, and the next thing we know it's trashed again. Now that we've gotten the kitchen to a reasonable maintenance point, it's time to start building better habits in our bedroom. The changing of laundry day rules has already helped tremendously, now we just need to get used to it. The next rule to learn is that we can't just drop things on the desk--or the bed! We'll need to learn to start putting things away properly more often, which in this household seems to be a continuing problem. It all goes back to that cursed phrase, "For Now." I'm sure this will be a constant struggle throughout our lives, and we will need to keep reminding ourselves how to get to where we want to be.

Ideally, I'd like to start making my bed every day. Lately I've had such terrible insomnia that the covers are a complete disaster by morning. And since it's the biggest space in the room, focal point as you walk in the door, I think that keeping it clean might help us want to keep the rest of the room lean--like how my focus on keeping the kitchen counters clean has resulted in the counters being less cluttered, as well as the floor. If absolutely nothing else, perhaps making the bed in the morning will make it easier to tuck in for a nap later in the day. And if that's all it accomplishes, I'll call the new habit a win.
Any new habits you're trying to create for yourself? Or bad habits you're trying to break?


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