Back to business as usual, and general rumination

Pulled together Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and a little from my emergency fund to replace my dying (dead) computer. Managed to get it working just long enough to migrate the data to the new one, but it keeps randomly shutting down on me and not wanting to restart. Poor laptop, it served me well.

It seems there are times of the year that incur extra expenses. Winter holidays are notorious for their gift-giving traditions, the new year has incidentals like new planners and the expenses for starting any new habits and hobbies that come with the new year's resolutions. Sometimes it seems like these expenses should even up throughout the year, but they just never seem to. Like car insurance, I find it much easier to break the larger known expenses into smaller amounts that can be saved for throughout the year. Things like planners, though, are small enough they can come out of the "incidentals" fund for just such an occasion.

I like to wait until January to pick up planners because there are usually deals on them by now. I can always scramble through a week or two with a notebook if necessary, but if I can get a planner that goes into January is even better. The office supply stores this year don't seem to be running their usual specials, or I'm too early for them. I couldn't find the inserts for the ring-bound book I picked up on the cheap at Value Village last year (complete with the undated starter set) for $3, at least not quite the right size with quite the right set-up and anything close was $25! I found a wire-bound planner for $4 at Barnes and Noble instead, and saved another 10% with my membership left over from last year's christmas gift. It will do what I need, and though it didn't have all the features I wanted, it does have one nice one: Saturday and Sunday are the same size as the weekdays instead of being half the size like so many planners do. It's the little things in life that make us happy, I guess.

I'm looking at my planner from 2011 and wondering what I can do with the plastic cover and (non-spiral) wire binding. I'd switched back to the ring-bound version in an attempt at reducing waste, but wasted money is just as bad right now. If I can use it as a book of some kind, then I'll keep them together. Otherwise the plastic would be good for stencils of some kind, and of course the paper we can use in fire starters. I save any leftover "notes" pages as scrap paper for phone calls, shopping lists, those sorts of things. But the cover and the wire are posing a problem. I suppose I'll have to scour the internet later for ideas, unless my dear readers have any brilliant suggestions?

Noe that I have my own computer again, I'll have to sit down with the project list and make the new year updates. Mr. Moon and I have been tossing around a few ideas, and I'm pretty excited to get to work on some of them. And to get our "progress report" / "new before" pictures taken of the house, two weeks into the year.


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