Quick & Dirty: Peeling Ginger & Hard-Boiled Eggs

When I was in culinary school, one of the other students showed the class a trick to peeling ginger without losing any of the flavorful fresh. She used a teaspoon to gently scrape off the papery peel, leaving all of the flesh in tact.

This is the same person who taught me to peel hard-boiled eggs. Crack the shell thoroughly on the counter, peel off the large end where the air bubble is, and stick a teaspoon between the shell and flesh. Move the spoon around the shell, separating the membrane from the egg white, and you may be able to pull the shell off completely, still attached to the membrane. Sometimes you have to break the membrane down the side and peel off in a flatter piece rather than an egg-shaped one, but that's ok. It saves your thumbs from little poke and slices peeling the shell by hand!

Tip: When rotating the egg, lift the lead edge of the spoon into the shell. You may break the membrane early and have to slip the spoon between the shell and egg again to get the rest, but you run less of a risk of breaking the egg white with the spoon and ruining the beauty of your deviled eggs. 

Naturally, these are the kinds of tricks that I've passed on to Mr. Moon to make his life easier in the kitchen. Well just the other day, he managed to find his own little trick. Using a grapefruit spoon (a teaspoon with a serrated tip), he was able to peel the ginger with greater ease and no additional damage to the flesh than using a regular spoon. Since this came on the heels of his realization of how far his knife skills have come in the last 3 years, I can say I've never been prouder of his hard work. But that retrospective is a post for another day.


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