Menu: Jan 27-Feb 3

It feels like spring cleaning around here. This is the weather that I'm used to having after months of bitter cold, snowstorms, and being cooped up inside. The cool yet crisp air beckons me to open the windows and blow the dust out. Even if it is still January. 

My asthma has been acting up in November, and aside from being exhausting, it's really cutting into my ability to do much around the house. I was lying in bed the other day, and realized there was a visible film of dust covering the curtains... the ones right next to my head. As it was midnight, it took every ounce of willpower not to take them down and wash them immediately, but it was the top of my priority list the next morning. 

We discovered when we took down the curtains that the windowsill was covered in mold. Gross. Not worth doing a whole blog entry about, because I sprayed it with vinegar and wiped it down, sprayed it again and let it sit, then wiped it down again. Washed the curtains, having made very sure to not jostle them thereby dislodging the dust while I rolled them up carefully before taking them off the curtain rod. Clean curtains and no mold by my face and suddenly I'm having fewer problems breathing. Magic. 

There is still a lot of dust to manage, and I'm hoping to get before pictures of the bedroom when I take care of it because if I'm going to remove everything to dust it you can be sure I'm going to do the rearranging that needs doing at the same time. 
What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Turkey hash, peppered eggs, smoothies (and waffles for Mr. Moon)

Lunches: Turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese, pasta salad

Sunday: Shrimp tacos [fish]

Monday: Orange rosemary chicken, quinoa, cranberry sauce (saving leftovers for fried rice and curry soup) [bird; freezer]

Tuesday: Salmon burgers (regular burger for me)

Wednesday: Wild rice & mushroom soup [vegetarian; crockpot]

Thursday: On Your Own (Date night for me and Mr. Moon, we're having barbacoa tacos)

Friday: Lentil Soup [vegetarian; crockpot]

Saturday: Hamburger Gravy (using meatloaf from the freezer that Mr. Crankypants refuses to eat as meatloaf) over mashed potatoes (a frozen casserole dish of them that didn't get eaten over vacation) with green beans [freezer]

Sunday: On Your Own 

January Menu ideas--How did we do?

Beef/Pork: Beef & Broccoli stir frycorned beef

Bird: Roast TurkeyTurkey Stew & Dumplings; Chicken Cordon Bleu; Orange Rosemary Chicken; White Bean Chicken Chili

Fish: Pan Fried White; baked casserole with rice; salmon burgers; pesto shrimp Alfredo

Vegetarian: Tortilla soup; Split pea soup; Lasagna; Black Bean Burgers; Spaghetti; Lentil soup; Broccoli macMushroom stroganoff; African peanut soup; french onion soup

OYO ideas for me: Ribs; chicken wings; zucchini meatball sub; barbacoa tacos; chicken alfredo; thai curry chicken; stuffed peppers (with quinoa and barbacoa); gyros (with lots of leftovers for lunches)

February meal ideas:
Beef/Pork: Hamburger gravy (w/ meatloaf meat); enchiladas (w/ meatloaf meat); corned beef soup

Bird: Chicken fried rice; turkey noodle casserole; open-faced turkey sandwiches; Mom's oven-fried chicken; hummus-crusted chicken (or chicken cordon bleu since there is a lot of experimental food here)

Fish: Salmon (scallion & lemon); whitefish (wasabi); krab pasta w/ garlic sauce; whitefish and rice casserole (from last month)

Vegetarian: split pea (from last month); wild rice & mushroom soup; potato leek soup; ravioli w/ peas and alfredo; sloppy joe's; mushroom barley soup; african peanut soup; black bean burgers; mushroom zucchini "lasagna"

OYO ideas: Tortellini w/ pumpkin alfredo; lamb curry stew; chili and hot dogs; portobella & red pepper melts with broccoli pesto; sashimi bowl; thai curry chicken; barbacoa; shrimp tacos


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