Menu: June 17-23

The 'Rents come back from their vacation today, so it's back to the usual routine, hopefully with some improvements. We took a week off of menu planning, then the next week ended up being a completely moot point as it was scrapped almost as soon as we'd finished it. Oops. But this week, well, this week we will do better. Clean slate!

The last two weeks of focusing on using up and doing without have been good for us and a nice change of pace, but it's hell to plan a menu that way. This week we are back to planning ahead, with perfect timing since Mr. Moon's new job just gave him his set schedule. It's nice to be able to plan things a little further than 5 days out!

What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Eggs & Toast; Polenta & Eggs; Yogurt & Granola; Smoothies.

Lunches: Bagel Pizza; Bacon, Cucumber, Tomato sandwiches/wraps; Leftover greek dinner.

Snacks: HB Eggs, yogurt, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit.

Monday: Mr. Moon works the early shift, and we have Aqua Yoga during dinner time. The 'Rents are still recovering from their trip, with lots of heavy foods, so we want to give them something light and easy.
Salad for the 'Rents and Mr. Moon. Chicken wings and green beans for me. [Salad; chicken; freezer]

Tuesday: Mr. Moon has the day off. I have an appointment, we have grocery shopping to do, and otherwise it's just another day at the homestead.
Spaghetti for everyone! Easy to say everyone gets the same thing, but each of us has different noodle and sauce and presentation preferences. Using a pot with a built-in strainer allows us to do noodles in batches, so everyone gets their meal exactly how they want it. Plus the starch water is good for the veggies. [pasta; vegetarian]

Wednesday: Pops leaves the next day for another vacation, we have Aqua Yoga in the evening, and party planning/prep to do for Friday.
Corned Beef dinner in the crockpot. [meat; crockpot; freezer]

Thursday: Pops leaves for another vacation. Mr. Moon works the late shift. This is a source of temptation for us, but hopefully with our dinner made already for us at home we will avoid eating out.
On Your Own Night (for mum); Mr. Moon and I have personalized bowls of chili waiting at home. [soup; vegetarian; OYO; freezer meal]

Friday: Mr. Moon's birthday party!
Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes, relish tray, fruit platter, and birthday cake. And my favorite party supply: rotating vodka punch! "Rotating" because you start with a couple kinds of juice, and as it gets low you add more complementary juices without worrying about waiting for it to completely empty or trying to perfectly match the previous bowl's recipe. This one will have some combination of: apricot nectar, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, raspberry lemonade, and mango strawberry lemonade. And vodka. Of course. [buffet; party food; meat; sweets]

Saturday: Maybe helping a friend move, depending on how we feel (that vodka punch can pack a kick!) and whether we have sleepover guests. Party clean up, lazy day.
Leftovers if there are any. Freezer meals if there aren't. [leftover; freezer]

Sunday: More moving help. Homesteading work. Ah, the good old days.
On Your Own for Mum and Mr. Moon. I'm having Myndian food, AKA I tried to make tikka masala before but the sauce came out wrong, still delicious, don't know what to call it. It's a red curry sauce and I'm adding rice and paneer. Yum. [OYO; vegetarian; Indian]

What's on your menu this week? Need planning ideas? I'll be linking up at, if you need other ideas!


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