Menu: June 24-30

Mr. Moon's party was a blast! The cheesesteak sloppy joes were a real hit, we got to meet some new friends, and had a nice evening around the campfire.

His new job is going well, too. Everyone seems to love him there; bosses, coworkers, and guests alike. Not paying income tax is a nice little pay raise too.

I'm working on a garden update for later this week. Sadly, there isn't much good news in it. But we will get to that.

Getting back to menu planning has definitely been met with relief from both of us, but some kinks need to be worked out on our to-do list system being separate from the menu board. Food isn't getting thawed in appropriate timing and it then either requires running water (wasteful) or using the microwave (which I don't like) to keep to our plans. These two evening shifts each week are clearly going to be a source of temptation for us to scrap our cooking plans and go out to eat, or end up eating junk food whether we plan to or not, so some new habits need to be developed to avoid that. Pre-built casseroles, crockpot meals, those sorts of things.

Restful week ahead for me. Mr. Moon is hoping to keep up on his chores because finishing our checklist early means free time for video games! I'm cheering him on, as long as he keeps my tea refilled and changes my handkerchiefs regularly.

What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Eggs & Bacon; Eggs & Polenta; Yogurt & Honey.

Lunches: Sloppy Joe's (leftovers); Pizzadillas (pizza flavored quesadillas); BCuTs.

Snacks: Fruit; yogurt; veggies.

Monday: Mr. Moon works the early shift. I've got to get this cold checked out and then we have to pick up Pops from the train station. Feeling under the weather and I think that shows in our menu plan: lots of comfort food.
Spaghetti with meat sauce [pasta; beef; Italian]

Tuesday: Afternoon appointment, then grocery shopping, then REST! Maybe the gym in the morning if my cold is any better by then.
Salad for the 'Rents and Mr. Moon, easy comfort food for me: mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of broccoli[salad; vegetarian; easy]

Wednesday: Nothing scheduled except begging a judge not to penalize me for reversing the numbers in a due date for a traffic ticket. I paid the ticket on time for the day I thought it was due! Cross your fingers for me to have luck. We are planning date night that evening, but with this cold settling in it might be date night at home instead of dinner out. We shall see.
On Your Own Night [OYO]

Thursday: Busy day, Mr. Moon is pulling a double with just enough time to knock out some chores in between.
MexiCasserole [vegetarian; Mex; casserole]

Friday: Gym in the morning, Mr. Moon works in the evening, daily grind in between.
Potato Leek Soup from the freezer. [vegetarian; soup; freezer]

Saturday: Big day planned! Really just re-arranging and cleaning some stuff out of our storage unit. Getting the extra couch put in there (perhaps, if I can't freecycle it by then), pulling some supplies for a couple sewing projects out, getting a broken desk that was left in there taken care of, and all that while the sun beats down and the temp is forecasted at 89 degrees!
Burgers (stuffed with bleu cheese for me), potato salad, carrot slaw [burgers; beef; traditional; summer; grill; American]

Sunday: Gym in the morning, then putting some more "finishing" touches on the garage, or just relaxing and enjoying a nice summer day.
On Your Own for the 'Rents; Mr. Moon and I are planning a Bloody Mary flank steak with quinoa salad and roasted tomatoes[OYO]

What's on your menu this week? Need planning ideas? I'll be linking up at, if you need other ideas!


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