Daily Accomplishments


  • Successfully got all the daily chores done
  • Shopped all the groceries for the week in the hot, muggy sunshine
  • Picked up some crafting supplies for a project in the works
  • Washed all the laundry
  • I count walking through the grocery store as part of my physical therapy for the week. 
  • Relaxed with a game of cards (rummy) where I came back from a first-hand 80 point deficit to win the game!
  • Finished drying the laundry
  • Mr. Moon went with his parents to check out replacement grills for their broken one
  • I took a lovely nap! And then discovered that an ice pack on the forehead really helps with that post-nap hangover-like headache
  • Forgot to water the garden
  • Folded all the laundry and got it put away! This is a bloody miracle! 
What we did not do today? The kitchen. Again. Second week in a row with his new work schedule. Looks like we will be fiddling with chores again to get that kitchen scrubbing onto a different day. I know I keep saying that part of this process is being flexible and being willing to change things up when they're not working, but I keep saying it because I need to convince myself! 


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