How do you recover from the disappointment of getting scammed?

This announcement is a bit sullied, but Mr. Moon and I are ecstatic to announce we will be moving back to Seattle. This of course comes with apartment hunting, not the most exciting of activities and worse yet from 200 miles away.

The mister and I may have gotten caught up in a Craigslist scam. There were a couple red flags along the way, which made me ensure I asked a lot of questions, had solid answers for everything, did some research and recon, and didn't reveal too much personal information too soon.

Well, we still may have gotten caught. I don't know if there will be any identity theft issues, they didn't get much information. But we did waste two days and a LOT of emotional investment to potentially getting an apartment we really wanted, and now we have to start all over. I AM happy to be able to say that we did not exchange any money. The worst blow right now is to my pride.

It's frustrating. I'm grateful to my dad for being another pair of eyes to go over the situation, point out a couple things I hadn't seen yet, recommended some steps to take to protect ourselves when we weren't SURE of the scam status, and that he agreed I'd been pretty careful. But now, I feel like I don't know who to trust on Craigslist anymore. I see scams at every turn. Our budget was pretty skimpy, so now I feel like anything that is within our price range has to be a scam. Especially if it has any amenities to speak of.

I'm disappointed, I'm frustrated, and I'm (just a little) embarrassed. I'm not sure how to get back on the horse now!


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