Perfection and the art of forgivennes; Daily Accomplishments

There are so many things I want to do that fall under "daily journaling" and I have never been very good at that. I'd like to do a quick, one paragraph/5 bullet points entry on this blog every day about what we did around the homestead, but I'm afraid I would end up losing steam and feeling like a failure. Of course now that I've said that "out loud," it almost feels like failing even more not to even try. But if I've tried something similar a bunch of times with less than stellar results, is it failure to save my energy?

I know that I struggle with perfection, and the phrase "do it right or don't do it at all" was oft uttered toward me in my childhood. So at least I come by it honestly! But I think accepting a certain amount of imperfection in our lives IS doing it right. Being able to forgive ourselves as easily as we forgive others is difficult, a lifelong lesson, and one worth learning. I'm hard on myself, and that's why there is a tag on this blog about Being Gentle. I hope that as I learn to be gentle on myself, I can also learn better to be gentle with my loved ones. I'm grateful to have found a partner so willing and ready to go on that journey with me, learning to make ourselves and our relationship priorities in our lives, learning to treat ourselves and each other with the respect we both deserve, and challenging each other to learn and grow and be better all along the way.

Today on the homestead, I:
  • Did 20% of my physical therapy exercises for the week. A great head start!
  • Wrote a blog entry for each of my blogs, personal and public. 
  • Cleared the towering pile of clutter off the desk in our room.
  • Updated our to-do lists on the wall so they are printed on pretty paper (ok I started this yesterday but I finished it today!)
  • Got my head shaved!
  • Supervised Mr. Moon ding chores--but forgot to set timers for them and nothing had been deep cleaned in a while so everything took twice as long as it normally would but hey, it's 5:30pm and all the hard stuff for the day is done. I CALL THAT A WIN!


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