Menu: Sept 22-24 -- Back on the Meal Planning Bandwagon

Yes, only three days. We're trying out a new Thing were we do our menu plans twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. We are hoping it will lead to less food waste if we keep up on our perishables a little better. Of course, that means I need a new fun banner for menu days, but we'll get there eventually!

Crockpot Chili

Mr. Moon is working a double, and we haven't been great about dealing with the late-night dinners lately. Late night take-out on a tight budget leads to bad choices for the tummies and the wallet. Kicking off fall with a pot of chili sounded like just the right remedy for getting some wholesome food into us at the end of a busy day.

Stuffed Peppers

Mr. Moon is on call that evening, so it could be a late night dinner or sudden extra time to unpack boxes. Having something we can prep ahead is good! I'm not really a fan of the tomato-and-rice stuffed peppers, but I saw a recipe for some with chicken that looked good. It had cream cheese as a binder, plus cheddar cheese, onions, and bacon. Sounds delicious but a little rich and heavy, even if it is fall. We fell down a rabbit hole of modifying it and ended up in a completely different place. We're stuffing ours with chicken, gorgonzola, rosemary, chives and bacon. With a side of summer squash and onions.

Crockpot White Bean Soup w/ Kale and Shrimp

I told Mr. Moon that if he comes home from work to discover this soup has suddenly had thai seasoning and coconut milk added to it, he shouldn't be alarmed. It might be a brothy soup but we DO have some "condensed" freezer bases of cream of celery soup. So I might start there. All I know is it will have kale. And leeks. And probably some shrimp.

Wednesday and Saturday (only through next week) or Sunday (all winter) are market days, so we're opting to do our menus twice a week to accommodate seasonal and uncertain inventories. One market has a luscious day-old bread section from local bakeries, and those usually have to be eaten within a day of picking them up. We have a few solid standby dinners we can go to if we miss a market day or need to supplement, but I'm looking forward to not living on pasta and rice and potato dishes. Mixing things up a bit, experimenting with lots of fresh produce and new ingredients. Though a nice meat loaf sounds pretty good right about now, too.


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