Menu: Sept 25-28

Funny garden update: We have a grey squirrel that invaded my sage today, and I scared Mr. Moon by opening the door and yelling, "EXCUSE YOU!" at it (he thought someone was invading the house!). I had seen some digging marks before, but hadn't had the motivation or time to deal with it whenever I noticed on my way in or out the door. I mixed up a little sriracha and garlic and water, dumped that around the plants, and am hoping that will keep the little bugger from digging up my sage again. There is plenty of dirt around here, he doesn't need to go digging in mine!

We are so far REALLY enjoying this twice a week menu planning. Much easier to account for perishable foods this way!

Stuffed Peppers w/ gorgonzola & bacon
Sides: Sautéed summer squash, steamed green beans

Day off, lots of unpacking today! We kept pushing off the stuffed peppers because when we were thinking about dinner it was too late to take two hours to make it. So we roasted off the chicken yesterday, enough for stuffed peppers and some lunches so when we want it it's a simple matter of crumbling it into a pan and heating it up really fast (or stuffing it in peppers and baking it). We've also got a couple half-zucchinis and some fresh green beans from the farmer's market, and are looking for a fun send-off to summer.

Roast Dinner: Beast, potatoes, and purple carrots

Another day off, another bunch of boxes. Also from the farmer's market, purple carrots! And baby potatoes! We have one 3lb roast beef from a giant eye of round roast, and it is taking up space in our now-much-smaller freezer so it's got to go. Sounds like roast dinner to me! Plus we can roast off a little extra of the veggies for tomorrow's dinner.

Niçoise Salad over Dinosaur Kale

Mr. Moon is closing at work, which means a close-to-midnight dinner, our downfall the last few weeks. With the abundance of green beans, new potatoes, eggs, and kale it sounded like niçoise salad time. I will have to marinate pretty well everything the day before, but when it comes time to eat, it will be a pretty fast dinner.

Crockpot French Onion Soup

Mr. Moon is closing at work again, and I'm loving the chilly weather. I Pinned a recipe for guinness french onion soup in the crockpot and my sister-in-love asked me to tell her how it goes. This is definitely an active crockpot recipe for the stay-at-home types, because it starts with 1-2 hours of just onions, then a few hours simmering with the liquid, then adding some fresh herbs and browning the croutons. But it looks delicious, and I have an abundance of red onions plus some yellows and leeks, so it sounds like a perfect time to try it.


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