Moving: Getting back into routine and making new ones

Mr. Moon has finished unpacking the kitchen, though there are already some rearrangements I want to make when we have the rest of the boxes unpacked. The dining room is still not done, and yes I realize they're the same "room" but for our sanity we needed to check something off. Having the kitchen done means no more eating takeout, which is obviously the financially responsible decision. We're still eating some packaged foods that I would typically make from scratch, but I'm hoping we can wean ourselves off them next month. Right now, we're just being gentle with ourselves and honest about our capabilities. Since Mr. Moon finally caught up on the backlog of dishes, that's been our main focus aside from unpacking: keeping up with the habit of emptying the sink every single night and putting away the dry dishes first thing in the morning.

The bedroom is our next priority, since we have a new mattress coming in on Wednesday and must have a path cleared to the bedroom as well as the bedroom ready for the new mattress. Seriously, I just want to name this thing. It feels like such a big, adult decision to be buying a brand new mattress, and it's going to be with us for years, so I feel like it should have a name. How do you go abut naming a mattress?

We're at 32 boxes (and trash bags) unpacked and broken down so far. Some of the ones that were unpacked got repurposed for holding other things that still need to be put away properly, such as for example all the clothes that were being used as packing material. But it's 32 boxes completely empty and broken down so far. It's looking good.

Yesterday I spent some time updating our daily checklists. I have found the box with the printer in it, but I haven't set the printer up yet (since the desk just got pushed into place today!). I also don't know where the frames to make the checklists into dry erase boards are. But those should be discovered here soon.

One thing I've really found is how much the clutter is damaging my calm. We are making it a priority to get the bedroom done soon so that it can be a safe haven from the mess while we get the living room set up. Setting a goal of finishing 20 boxes a day was probably impossible, but 10 boxes a day is doable. If we focus.

Soon, soon, soon. One day at a time, I guess.


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