Fairy Door!

In our neighborhood, there is a little fairy door I drive past every day (usually a few times). It's right at the base of someone's driveway, and the flowers have filled in and bloomed over the last few days so I finally got down there to take a picture of it. My Dad built my mom a fairy door, and he is just tickled by them, so every time I see this one it makes me think of him.

We got down there and realized that beyond just a fairy door and a few flowers, there are also these two ADORABLE tree gnomes! You can only see one here, but it looks like he is supposed to be climbing down a rope held by the top gnome, so they can abscond with a few fairy mushrooms. Problem is, the rope itself has frayed and broken in the wind, so now it looks like the rope broke in the middle of his buddy rescuing him from the fairies and he's falling back down! Too funny.

Little things like this make me smile. Oh, did I tell you we named our garden gnome? His name is Mr. Mustard. Because he's guarding the mustard greens in his mustard-colored shirt. Now I just need a little fairy door for MY garden!


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