Gardening prep day 2: Pots

We got the beds prepped yesterday. Today was Easter dinner, and one of our friends came over to eat Lamb with us, so since he was headed near where Mr. Moon works anyway he offered to drive. I was feeling a little cooped up and wanting to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, so I was going to take a book outside, but they're all still packed away! Then I decided I could go prep some of the dirt in the pots out there until I just didn't feel like it anymore.

This is what I had to start with! Weeds, moss, dead plants, and broken tools. Some of the pots are full of decent dirt, but a couple of them are about 50% those white rocks that get put into potting soil for drainage. It's no wonder nothing would grow in them besides moss!

I set those pots aside to mix into the dirt in Bed #2, mixed some of the pots together if they were very low on dirt, and just got all of the moss, root clumps, and old plants out. Nothing too backbreaking, just some digging around with a trowel and tapping root clumps to save the dirt before they go into the compost pile. It was pretty outside, Mum came out to help and get some sunshine, it was a nice afternoon!

This giant pile is everything we pulled from the pots. Mr. Moon will have to shovel it all into the compost pile tomorrow, because it was a bit too much for me to handle. Still, I'm rather proud of the work Mum and I accomplished today. We couldn't have been out there more than an hour, and we finished up what we thought was the last pot just as the sun went behind a big cloud and the wind took a turn for the chilly. There is actually one more pot to do, but that's just a matter of dumping the dirt into the bed to get it aerated and mixed in.

Lots of good black dirt, and I'm ready to get the plants mapped out and into place. We have an early day tomorrow, but even just committing an hour in the afternoon to mapping things out means we can start going to ground as early as Tuesday. One can only hope!


Not bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon!


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