Flower gardening

I am not a flower person. I used to have a flower bed as a kid that I shared with my brother, and then we split that as well as the long bed that spanned the front of our house. My brother had a tendency to just pick things and put them in sort of haphazardly, but I would very carefully check to see how far apart each flower needed to be planted, how far it would spread, how much sunlight it needed and how tall it would grow. When I had two squares diagonal from each other to do, each of my squares would be completely covered in plant-life that was colorful with contrast, balance, symmetry, and cascaded down from the tallest plant in the middle to shortest in the corners. Why no one realized with this project that I had OCD, I'm not sure. But not knowing anything was wrong with it, the resulting order brought me peace. Even if I did occasionally throw dirt at my brother because his half of our shared garden was messy.

As an adult with chronic fatigue and anxiety (which is an exhausting issue in itself), I find that I have to be very selective about which things I let myself to worry. As a result, I've chosen to garden with edibles rather than things that are just pretty. However, Mr. Moon appreciates my eye for detail and aesthetic, which is how I found myself helping to plant flowers out front yesterday despite my insistence that I would have nothing to do with the flower gardens.

As you can see, the flower box by the front door was kinda hit. The dirt was desert dry, and we needed to get the flowers into the pots right away because they were just as dry. The geraniums needed pruning, and the pots were half empty.

Then suddenly, flowers! Pretty flowers, with geraniums in the back, dark pink in the end pots with something pretty and purple in the front; lighter pink in the inside pots with one medium-shade marigold on the outside corners, and we're going to pick up some sweet william plants for the other corners; then a white geranium with two dark red marigolds in the front. Mr. Moon was getting really bothered by the fact that the front purple flowers were right next to each other, and I had the brilliant idea of *gasp* moving the pot! Now everything is balanced and aesthetically pleasing, and in one day we've already gotten three compliments about how nice it looks!

I may not be terribly EXCITED about playing with flowers, but I seem to be less resistant to the idea.


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