Garden Report: Edibles finally got planted!

For before pictures, click Here (beds) and Here (pots).

The pot with garlic, oregano and leeks that got dismantled and everything transplanted. See also, Mr. Moon's hand! He's been so kind in reminding me to get "before" pictures when we get started on projects.

Look at those roots! That's the root system for the SMALLER of the two huge oregano bushes that we pulled out after I harvested as much as I could off them.

It took 6 hours of work for each of us including lunch and clean-up, but we got the veggie garden about 80% done in one day. Two raised beds and 8 pots later, let's see what we've got:

Bed 1, back to front: Leeks, Garlic*, cauliflower.
Bed 2, Sugar snap peas in the back corners, with a row of Nasturtium seeds between; mustard green seeds down the middle; broccoli along the front with a lonely soy bean plant in the corner.
Pots, left to right: 1) three kinds of oregano; golden, italian, and greek; 2) cilantro and dill; 3) rosemary; 4) Sage seeds in the two rows marked with yarn, pineapple sage, parsley; 5) lemon thyme, english thyme, marjoram; 6) chives; 7) french lavender, barely pictured; 8) between the beds, a lonely onion.

*Garlic is in experimentation stage! One big bunch in the middle is what was planted 4-6 years ago and has been let to run rampant. Along the left of it is the giant clump of indeterminate age from the container above, broken up into three smaller clumps. From these we will see if we can harvest any usable garlic heads, but are considering them only useful for their scapes this year. Then along to the right of that huge clump are the two plant starts we bought this year, which should be a more reliable harvest. Although I'll have to do some research on when & how to harvest, and how to save something for growing next year.

Then a few days ago we attacked the back yard again, and while Mr. Moon pruned bushes (for a different post), I started in on the hanging veggies.

From left to right: 1) [unpictured] strawberries, hanging on the corner of the house; 2) Big Boy tomatoes; 3) Slicing tomatoes; 4) cherry tomatoes; 5) bell peppers, in red, orange and green varieties**; this is also where the purple tomatoes will go when they grow big enough from their seeds to be transplanted.

** When putting the orange bell pepper plant through its hole, the top half with the leaves broke clean off! It still had a couple leaves off the bottom left, so I kept it, and planted the top stalk into another of the holes. It was a little wilty, and still is, but wilty in a "I'm working on living" sort of way, like the leaves themselves felt strong even yesterday! So I have hope. I probably should have tried rooting it in water before putting it in dirt though... mostly I'm curious.

I also built a lattice with a dowel and a butterfly bush branch and some twine, for the nasturtiums to climb. I'm hoping I didn't make a huge mistake and end up just making shade over my veggies! Live and learn, right?

How are your gardens growing? Any great leaps in productivity yet? Anything you're afraid isn't going to turn out?


  1. Soo.. I know that you mentioned it on facebook, the whole "I shouldn't just keep starting these posts with 'Gardening'", but I actually think that instead of trying to come up with something super different, you should embrace the uniformity that it brings. It could be something like "This Week's Garden Report" or something similar, but I kind of like the similar titles, it gives it a column-like feel thats kinda neat.

    1. Ooh that's a good idea! Thanks! Maybe just "Garden Report: [general topic]" so as to avoid boxing myself into weekly reports, in case that's all I have to talk about for a few entries or there isn't anything going on for a few weeks.

      I didn't really think of it as being a column feel with similar titles, but then I have the Quick & Dirty series that currently only has one entry. I like your idea of just embracing it. It kinda helps to break it up into different topics, without just using the labels way down at the end.



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