Menu: March 18-24

I had an absolute BLAST this weekend, how was yours? Went to a party Saturday night and woke up with the Irish Flu, on St Patrick's day no less, and then some friends really wanted some social time so after Mr. Moon was released from servitude we went to grab a pint at the bar. By the time we got home, it was clear that this was not just The Irish Flu but some sort of actual ailment, as hangovers don't usually get worse again after getting better, or some with overfilled lymph nodes and throats so sore you can't speak. Tea and soup were consumed, menu planning was postponed.

But of course that meant we were waking up this morning to an early-ish shift that would last through dinner time, and no dinner plan. No more putting it off. Thank goodness for leftovers, we knew we could just hand the 'Rents a plate and point them toward the leftover corned beef in the fridge. We made an easy menu plan for the week, which involved many hand gestures, some texting for more complicated requests on my part, plenty of giggling, and an awful lot of comfort foods. Considering its relative healthfulness AND lack of necessary grocery shopping, I must say I was rather impressed with our work.

After apologizing to anyone with whom I may have shared my cold at the party Saturday night, I realized that this is pretty much exactly how my allergies manifest. On the one hand, yay, I haven't infected anyone, but on the other hand it means I could be looking at more than just a couple days of Yuck and hoarseness. Seems like it's going to be a bad year for allergies. Sadly, we needed lemons for tea and a couple other random things, so we made a quick run to the store, which is how I found myself staring down a box of coconut popsicles and drooling. I'll probably be living off popsicles and soup for a few days, and clearly getting back to my bee pollen regimen is required.

What do you do for allergy and cold season?
What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Eggs, yogurt

Lunches: Ramen, quesadillas

Snacks: I kid you not, the menu board says "Eat the fruit!"

Monday: Corned Beef and cabbage (I'm having mine open faced with swiss on rye if I decide I can handle swallowing solid food) [beef; traditional; leftovers]

Tuesday: Wild Rice Soup (leftover from when it got thawed but not eaten on Saturday) [vegetarian; soup; leftovers]

Wednesday: Pressure-cooker chili [vegetarian; soup; pressure cooker]

Thursday: On Your Own night [OYO]

Friday: Spaghetti [vegetarian; pasta]

Saturday: Fish Tacos [fish]

Sunday: On Your Own [OYO]

What's on your menu this week? Need planning ideas? I'll be linking up at, if you need other ideas!


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