Menu: Mar 4-10

What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Eggs & toast; yogurt and granola; cottage cheese and pineapple; muffins!

Lunches: Tuna; egg salad; grilled cheese

Snacks: apples; oranges

Monday: Lasagna [vegetarian; casserole; pasta]

Tuesday: Leftover cabbage & pork roast soup [pork; soup; leftovers]

Wednesday: BLTs and yellow potato salad [bacon; sandwich]

Thursday: On Your Own [OYO]

Friday: French Toast Casserole and fruit salad [vegetarian; breakfast for dinner; casserole]

Saturday: Salmon cakes & broccoli & swiss chard [fish; freezer]

Sunday: OYO [OYO]
What's on your menu this week? Need recipes ideas? Check out where I'll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday!


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