Menu: April 15-21

Mr. Moon and I will be celebrating our three-year anniversary this week! His parents will also be celebrating their 36 years wedding anniversary this week (the day before ours, in fact). Three cheers!

Last week was busy busy busy with getting the garage set up as a lounge space for Mr. Moon and me, so we have some space to entertain without bothering his parents. It has been a year in the making, and still has a couple more smaller projects to go before we take the "After" pictures, but it is now in a state of functionality that makes me extremely happy. Soon enough it will even be warm out there! Ha ha.

As of tomorrow, we are past the last frost date in our area, so I will be planting seeds outside on Tuesday. I'd wanted to get them planted indoors prior to now, but Life works in mysterious ways, and we had other priorities. Now our schedule happens to include some days off that are sunny, our seeds came in, and we've gotten to the nursery for potting soil, so plantings are in the works. I just wish we had a bed edger, as that would be much easier than edging the beds by hand.


What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Same as last week! Hash, eggs benedict, cottage cheese, waffles.

Lunches: Turkey sandwiches, tuna melts, and mediterranean salad.

Snacks: Fruit, cheese and crackers.

Monday: Sun Showers, 57 degrees.
Day off! Swimming, Grocery shopping, Food prep for the week, folding the existing clean laundry, maybe planting seeds.
Mexican Rice Casserole [vegetarian; mexican; casserole; batch]

Tuesday: Sunny, 58 degrees.
Parents' anniversary! Coffee date in the afternoon, Mr. Moon will do Wednesday's chores and works the evening shift, maybe planting seeds.
Pork Roast Dinner with mashed potatoes and carrots. (I'll be taking leftover pork for pulled pork sandwiches when Mr. Moon and I eat dinner later.) [pork; traditional; freezer]

Wednesday: Sunny, 59 degrees.
Moon's-iversary! We Are Taking The Day OFF!!! Swimming in the morning, then No cleaning, No cooking, maybe a walk on the beach and definitely dinner out somewhere. Hmmmm maybe if we get up early enough it would be worth it to drive to the ocean?
On Your Own Night [OYO]

Thursday: Sunny, 61 degrees.
Mr. Moon works the day shift, after which he will be MOWING THE FREAKING LAWN! It's gotten wild but it's been too wet to mow. After a couple days of sunshine, it should be safe to get out there.
Mushroom Swiss Chicken Sandwiches, Salad. [chicken; sandwich]

Friday: Rainy, 57 degrees.
Day off, Laundry day.
Seafood Lasagna [fish; pasta; casserole; freezer]

Saturday: Sunny, 62 degrees.
Mr. Moon works the day shift, more yard work?
Spaghetti soup (marinara, veggies, noodles, broth)--or maybe just spaghetti? [vegetarian; soup; pasta; freezer]

Sunday: Sunny, 66 degrees.
Mr. Moon works the evening shift.
On Your Own [OYO]. I'm thinking about ribs and greens, for myself.

What's on your menu this week? Need planning ideas? I'll be linking up at, if you need other ideas!


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! I love that you added the blue/gray tiles to the subway tiles. It's so gorgeous with the hint of blue paint! LOVE! :)
    glass backsplash tile


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