Menu: April 8-14

What's on the menu?

Breakfasts: Hash, eggs benedict on english muffin bread, cottage cheese, & pineapple, waffles.

Lunches: Tacos/quesadillas, turkey sandwiches, mediterranean garbanzo bean salad.

Snacks: Apple & almond butter, oranges, cheese and crackers, pears.

Monday: Recovery from our trip to Seattle, lots of laundry and the usual chores.
'Rents: Baked beans and ham; Mr.: Lamb curry stew; Me: spaghetti [leftovers; freezer]

Tuesday: Grocery shopping early, Mr. Moon works and the 'Rents have afternoon appointments, so a crockpot meal is in order.
Mushroom Barley Soup [vegetarian; soup; crockpot]

Wednesday: Big push day in the garage, but Mr. Moon will be home to be able to cook a dinner-to-serve for the 'Rents.
Sesame Chicken drumsticks with leftover orange glaze from the ham (which is on the same salty-level as soy sauce) and pineapple, coconut rice, and stir-fry vegetables [chicken; Chinese; leftovers; freezer]

Thursday: Early shift for Mr. Moon, Date Night! On Your Own night.
Mum and Pops are going out to dinner, Mr. Moon and I will be having mushroom swiss burgers [OYO; burgers]

Friday: Mr. Moon works the late shift, so a crockpot or freezer-soup meal is in order.
'Rents: Clam Chowder; Mr. Moon and myself: Tortilla soup [seafood; soup; freezer]

Saturday: Hoping to have people over for a game night in our new lounge.
Chili (vegetarian) & Hot Dogs (for me! Not sharing my hot dogs) [vegetarian; soup; pressure cooker]

Sunday: Mr. Moon works the late shift. On Your Own night.
Mr. Moon and myself: Baked pasta. [OYO]

What's on your menu this week? Need planning ideas? I'll be linking up at, if you need other ideas!


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