Project Progress: Garage Lounge

Mr. Moon and I have been working for over a year on a project to turn the garage into a lounge area, second living room, game room, whatever you want to call it. We have a name all picked out, which will be revealed when we have AFTER pictures.

We agreed to take a futon from one of his aunts who is moving out of the area, and somehow we ended up getting obligated to take a second couch. Not sure where the misunderstanding was, or if that was the couch Mum was going to use to replace the one in the living room she doesn't want, or what exactly happened that we have more furniture than I'd originally planned in there. All I know is that with the couch we found on the side of the road in the subdivision, and the futon and couch from the Aunt, we were supposed to be fitting three couches in this garage. Which would be fine, without the chair that Mr. Moon insists on keeping, and the massage chair that will not be gotten rid of so long as it works because the thing is delightful. Or without the formerly-kitchen table that got moved out there. Or the giant TV that we stumbled upon at a garage sale and couldn't pass up. Did I also mention we have two filing cabinet/end tables and two coffee tables? Though one of the coffee tables is in our bedroom at the food of the bed right now. Oh, and we have a set of glass shelves that's going to be our bar if we ever have room to put them up. Plus of course the CDs, DVDs, and records, and the beer fridge.

We were able to get some of the shelves cleared off and moved out, so that I can now have the herb garden on shelves by the back door, and get a cover for it to make it a green house. So that made some extra room. At least six car loads of STUFF has been donated elsewhere. A number of things have been moved to the shed since they're outdoor gardening or camping gear anyway. One of the coffee tables will either get donated or stay in our room, though I was hoping to clear the area at the foot of our bed for easier physical therapy exercises for my knees. But that will never happen so having the coffee table there gives a nice shoe pile area without tripping over them, and a nice place for the pile of extra blankets and pillows.

As it stands, we have two sets of shelves holding the tools and building hardware that won't be going anywhere, but I'm really impressed with how organized and pared down it is. There's Pops' work bench for his Ham radio and computer projects, which has all those supplies and equipment on it (though organizing it is a project for a different day!). There's a freezer and two shelving units full of dry food storage. For the lounge, we have an area with the table for cards/tabletop gaming, and an area with the TV for video games or watching movies.

One of the other sets of shelves will be cleared out and put into our storage unit for easier storage access. 3/4 of the things on that unit are for the bar anyway, so that works out fine. We might get rid of one of the three couches (including the futon), or be able to convince Mum to put one in the living room in place of the one she wanted to get rid of, but we shall see how that goes. I also had the idea to put the futon laid flat in front of the couch that faces the TV, with a couple trays on it for hard surfaces to be used as a combination ottoman and coffee table, but then we could sit it up to either have conversation-area seating, or a second row of movie-night seating.

What I need more than anything in there is an area rug. Preferably one I can throw in the washing machine. Which means it would have to be a few area rugs I suppose.


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