Running To Do List: April Quarterly Update

A nice, updated list after the first quarter of the year has gone by. I highlighted our highest priorities in red, the things we are working on now or will be in the next few weeks.

Everywhere, first step:
  • Get before pictures!
Front Yard:
  • Replant container bed by front door.
  • Remove the rose bush that is creeping into the walkway.
  • Re-edge the existing beds, and refill with wood chips as needed--not buying more though!
  • Prune roses. All the roses. Possibly use the pruned bits to grow roots on new plants, potentially even to replace the existing ones that aren't in the best shape. 
  • Fill the beds with flowers. What we have now leaves most of the yard bare most of the time, I'd like to landscape in such a way as to have something blooming most of the time and not ever have to look at a bunch of rotting yuck. 
Back Yard:
  • Plant the toilet planter or get rid of it. (Half done.)
  • Prune the roses along the shed, re-trellis them, or get rid of them.
  • Remove the tree by the patio, and the one by the compost.
  • Remove most of the plants (and wood chips) along the back of the house and re-plant that whole area with usefulness and patio parties in mind. 
  • Re-edge the existing beds. 
  • Break down firewood. 
  • Hang eye bolts on the hanging planter rail. 
Vegetable Gardening:
  • Pull out existing plants. Cover beds with newspaper and cardboard. 
  • Build compost bin.
  • Build raised beds. 
  • Plan and execute vegetable gardening plan! 
  • Install rain barrels. 
Outside House:
  • Power wash siding, concrete, windows.
  • Repaint wheelchair ramp. 
  • Clean out garage.
  • Donate tools and such. 
  • Put away the final boxes that need moved into their homes.
  • Pick up two couches from an Aunt.
  • Arrange garage as lounge area. 
  • Related: Move to a smaller storage unit if possible. 
Inside House/Hallway:
  • Paint all the things! Every single room needs a paint job.
  • Scrub hardwood in entryway and seal it. 
  • Replace some/all of the flooring (esp. kitchen and bathrooms, also dining room, hallway, living room).
  • Replace chandelier with globe light. 
  • Bolster the small appliance shelves.
  • Sand and refinish the countertop edges and backsplash.
  • Install a tile backsplash behind stovetop.
Dining Room:
  • Clean, reorganize bookshelves.
  • Sand and refinish the tabletop. 
  • Replace curtains.
Living Room:
  • Replace/Dye curtains.
  • Sort, scrub, and reorganize. 
  • Set up Mum's computer. 
Master Bedroom:
  • Install more lights.
Small Bedroom:
  • Put DVDs in garage.
  • Unpack records.
  • Unpack books.
  • Dust everything. 
  • Put up my jewelry and hair stuff. 
Laundry Room:
  • Sort cleaning supplies and store properly.
  • Move toilet paper and paper towels inside.
  • Lacto-fermented veggies
  • Kombucha
  • Sourdough and whole grain everything! Pretzels, pancakes/waffles, cookies, who knows what else
  • Yogurt and sour cream
  • Perfect the mozzarella recipe
  • Roasted chickpea snacks
  • Sprouts
  • Mr. Moon wants to get more into baking in general, and I want to get into baking with soaked & sprouted grains


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