The Latest Dirt: Fall Garden is sprouting!

It's small, but it's a start.

Top to bottom: Kale, Radishes, Broccoli Raab. These are the ones that demanded lots of sun on the package, but I admit I didn't plant in rows or pay attention to how far apart they should have been planted. Of course I saved the packages, and intend to thin out to the appropriate spacing and eat the micro/baby greens. 

This is mustard. There are tiny beet sprouts, but the red against the dirt just isn't terribly visible with a camera. It just occurred to me that the mustard and broccoli had been attacked by aphids but are not near any protecting companions, so I'm going to either have to get some garlic into these beds STAT or be diligent with the garlic-pepper spray. I refuse to put mint into my raised beds, because then I'll never get rid of it!

This is the mint we harvested from the mint garden, to make room for cauliflower and carrots. Since there is absolutely no way we were going to get ALL the mint out forever and always, we just left a bunch in there and are considering it aphid repellant. We are drying an entire other bunch besides this in a basket, and I'm probably going to set the rest up to dry in the next couple days.
Mr. Moon took one of these bunches of mint into work, and they had a special on Mojitos. 
How lovely!


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